May 01, 2005

Ford Mountain, by Magalie

Hike #69 in Best Hikes and Walks of Southwestern British Columbia, by Dawn Hanna

Ford Mountain is located in Chilliwack, which is about 2 hours away from downtown Vancouver. The length of this hike really depends on your car's ability. Having a 4x4, our hike lasted 3 hours and was about 5 km long. The logging road up though is long, so it is best to try to drive as far up as possible.

We started this hike at a reasonable hour, unlike last time. When we arrived in Chilliwak, we were stunned to find that it is such a beautiful place! I never thought that Chilliwack was so stunning, with amazing mountain ranges and beautiful blue rivers. We were expecting farmland and god knows what... But once there we felt like we had found a jewel.

Getting to Ford Mountain's trailhead was easy since the instructions in this book were right on the money. She should have noted though that the logging road splits at a yellow gate: do not cross that gate but turn left instead and keep driving up. We were not sure which way was the right way and so we parked the car there and hiked to the trailhead. Driving would have saved us a good 15 minutes.

As well, the hike description was very accurate. The hike has two different "sections", the first being a pretty steep one and the second being much easier. The trail is very well maintained and the footing is easy. No loose rock, slippery leafs or mud. As well, there are numerous places where you can step away from the trail to admire amazing views of the North Cascades.

North Cascades.

I will not go into great details with the hike's up and down as it generally went really well and was just as described in the book. Perhaps it went so well because I was wearing my new hiking shoes! This hike was a good cardio workout (ie, the first section) but the views were so worth it that it made you forget about any rough patches. There is nothing else to say aside from than that this short hike is absolutely fantastic. As well, there are plenty of wonderful spots at the mountain top for a picnic and we had the mountain all to ourselves.

having lunch at the top
Eating lunch looking at the North Cascades and Chilliwack Lake.

I would do this hike again in a heartbeat. Although it is quite a long drive from Vancouver, it is really worth it. There are many hikes in this valley, and we will have to keep coming back for more.

Having to do it again, I'd plan for a leisurely lunch at the top. As well, I'd bring some mosquito repellentlant, because they seemed to jump on us every time we stopped to enjoy the view.


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Blogger Mrs. Roseweir and/or Mrs. Barber said...

Thanks for the info about the left turn at the gate... I think I might have the same guide book as you. I'm looking forward to doing this hike tomorrow.

August 17, 2011 5:36 p.m.  

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