August 17, 2005

Black Mountain and Eagle Bluff, by David

The plan was to hike to Black Mountain and then to Eagle Bluff, but since our guide indicated this as a 5-hours hike and we only had limited time since we were leaving from work, we were going to see how far we could get before it got too dark.

We drove to the Cypress Mountain ski station and parked in the parking lot at the foot of the chair lifts. Parking is $5.

We hiked up alongside a ski slope for a little while until the trail entered the woods. The trail is well maintained and probably used a lot, even though we were the only people on the mountain that night. There is always a slight incline and some roots in the way, but nothing too challenging.

Black Mountain trail
the trail has a few small bridges and logs to avoid stepping in the mud

Black Mountain trail
near the boulders

The trail passes several small lakes and a wall of boulders until it branches at the loop. We took the Cabin Lake trail which shortly takes you to the aforementioned Cabin Lake.

Cabin Lake
Cabin Lake

We had a little break there to enjoy the lake and feed the mosquitoes and headed towards the top of Black Mountain which took only another 15 minutes. There is a big rock there where you can enjoy a 260 degree view over Howe Sound, English Bay, Coal Harbour, downtown, Cypress mountain, and even the Lions.

Black Mountain - the view
The spectacular view from the top of Black Mountain

Black Mountain - view of the Lions
View of the Lions from the top of Black Mountain

Black Mountain - view
The view is very nice all around

Then we kept going towards Eagle Bluff, which, the guide says, has "some of the most magnificent views ever seen from the North Shore". Unfortunately, about half way there, we encountered a mother bear and her cub crossing the trail. We quietly snatched a few pictures and took the decision to go back the way we came, so that we wouldn't have to walk by the pair again on the return, especially since we had a dog with us.

Black bear
Mama bear

At Black Mountain we took the other way to complete the Black Moutain loop and made it back to the car in just about 2 hours. After re-reading the guide, it looks like the 5-hour estimate includes starting from the bottom of Cypress mountain near Highway 99. The hike we did was perfect considering we had a limited amount of day light ahead of us.

I'll have to go back sometime to see the views from Eagle Bluff.


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do you have any pictures of eagleridge bluffs before the plympics came and built a road thru it?if you do would you beable to share them with me? i'm doing a presentation on the environmental impact of the plympics
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